Monday, February 25, 2013

Harlem Shake vs. Harlem Fake: A Miniblog

*On a regular day of browsing through YouTube*

Oh wow, so the Harlem Shake has made a resurgence, huh?  I think I'll take a look...

*clicks on video*

To quote the African brother from Next Friday, "What is this?!!  I can't get jiggy with this shit!!!"  For one, this ain't no Harlem shake!  I know damn well this ain't no Harlem shake, and I'm from South Central L.A.  That dance is about as bootleg as a Street Fighter II Rainbow machine at the local laundromat.  For those who seemed to have a brain lapse, this is the REAL Harlem Shake:

Yes, what you see in the above video is the actual Harlem shake (take a good look at the kids), made popular by G Dep, P Diddy, and Black Rob in the 2001 smash hit, "Let's Get It."  This is the dance I remember from when I was a teenager, going to various house parties and the teen clubs with my homegirls, having friendly battles with my homeboys whenever this song would start.  Not that other "dance" where everybody's humping the air and flailing their arms about like they're falling out in church or catching the Holy Ghost.  Now if some of you younguns out there think that this new dance crap by Baauer is the real thing, then I suggest you take your meds and re-evaluate your purpose in life.

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