Monday, March 25, 2013

Ass Flicking: A New Epidemic

Everywhere I look, I seem to find nasty, dirty asses all over the street after being thrown around like they were gearing up for a dwarf toss.  Ugly, stankin' asses with a smell so foul that it could drive a healthy person to asthma.  By filthy asses, I mean these...

butt flicker

Cancer sticks.

I'm sorry, but the world on which we walk, run, and drive is not your personal ashtray.  They have containers for that.  It's bad enough that these small poles filled with tobacco and other carcinogenic bullshit stink like hell, but do you have to make it worse for everybody else by flicking ass out in the street as you slowly kill yourself drag by drag?  Have a little courtesy, please.  It's simple:  Take that last drag, but don't just flick your butt on the ground and walk away like you're fleeing from a crime scene.  You have feet; just stomp on the butt like you're about to kill a nasty cockroach.  Or just put the butt out on some hard, concrete surface and throw the damn thing away (in the trash, people).  Problem solved.

Keep in mind that aquatic lifeforms can eat ass...literally.  That is, if you keep flicking butts out in the damn street!!!  Not trying to be a comedienne, but all you ass flickers out there need to wise up.  We already have whales, seals, and other water species turning up dead because some of you smokers out there don't even have the fucking consideration to watch where you flick your butts!  Do you even know what happens to the ass of a cancer stick after you go and flick the damn thing?!  It flows into the storm drain with whatever liquid runoff that carries it over and ends up in the ocean.  Now unless you just don't give a shit (which is obviously why you flick asses in the first place) and want a whole bunch of aquatic species to go extinct, then you best stop throwing butts in the fucking street, damn it!!!

Bluntness deactivated

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