Thursday, May 16, 2013

Real Men vs. Disrespectful Males

This morning, all because of some misunderstanding, I found myself getting cursed out by some asshole near the bus stop in front of my college campus.  That led to a screaming match between me and him.  That also led to him acting like a punk and getting one of his minions to beat me up and telling said minion to bring a weapon.  I wish I could've taken my blade to his throat, but I have never been to prison in my life and I do not want to have that experience.

Let me share another scenario.  I was visiting some buddies at the local soul food restaurant when some dude came and grabbed me behind like I was his actual girlfriend.  I warned him the first time not to do it again.  I went to Subway to get myself a drink, only to end up spilling it everywhere on the ground because the guy did not heed my first warning.  And fists were swung...on the guy, that is.  Granted, I should've called the police then, but I had to defend myself.

The point I'm trying to get across is that you have real men, and you have disrespectful pieces of shit like this ignorant knee-grow who decided to cackle at me like a fucking bitch because I thought he was asking me a question when I turned to look at him and the bastard who thought it was cool to grab me.  Now would he curse at his own mother, the woman who birthed and nurtured him to his supposed adulthood?  Didn't think so.  A disrespectful male is quick to curse anybody out, even as young as a child, if they so much as even smile at him.  As a youth, my mother always told me to ignore such stupidity.  Much as I try to follow that advice, I find it rather difficult (sorry, Mom).  I've always felt that it was necessary for people to stand up for themselves if they feel threatened.  This also leads to another saying that my mother told me (because we're both Leos).  She said this, "A lion will attack if either hungry or provoked."  In this case, I forgot to eat this morning, I was feeling drowsy from some allergy medicine, and he indeed provoked me.

A real man would not have taken the bitchy way out.  He would have said "Oh, I was on my phone.  Sorry for the confusion," and the whole thing would have been squashed.  Real men do not disrespect women.  Period.  For those of you chauvinistic, penis-minded peons who think a woman's place is either in the kitchen or on her back shooting babies out of her uterus, allow me to reiterate that last statement.


I hope your vision is good enough to read this statement.

And ladies, if you come across a guy who treats you like nothing more than a piece of meat, or a guy who probably got his ass beat by females in elementary school for teasing them, speak your peace, and turn it over to the Most High.  I guarantee He will lift that burden of anger from your shoulders.  As for you uncouth peons thinking it's okay to disrespect and abuse females, be they your girlfriends or a random woman on the street, eat shit and fuck you.  That is all.

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